Top Tips - June 2019
Welcome to the Top Tips for June 2019! This is the place to find useful IT tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently and make the most of technology.


    Need that shortcut on your desktop quickly - Do you ever have lots of programs open when you need some information that's on your desktop? Rather than having to minimise each program one by one, try pressing the Windows key along with the letter 'D'. Surprise! Your desktop automatically appears, open your file or shortcut and press the Windows key and 'D' again and everything is back to normal.

    Remember to Lock your computer! - Don't underestimate how important it is to lock your computer screen if you leave your desk as it only takes a second. To lock your screen before you get up, press the Windows key along with the letter 'L'. That's it your computer is now secure so you can enjoy your tea break without the worry of leaving confidential information on show.

    Welcome to the Windows Snipping tool - This is a great little tool for capturing areas of your screen into an image file and can be used to compare or paste the image straight into an email or Word. To access the snipping tool, you can type 'snipping' in the search bar at the bottom left of your screen or if you are feeling fancy, press Shift along with the Windows Key and 'S' all at the same time. Happy Snipping!

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