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Cloud computing is about storing, managing and processing data through remote, offsite servers, rather than local servers and personal computers.

These offsite servers are accessible over the internet and are hosted and secured by specialist companies. Cloud computing offers great advantages to businesses of all sizes.


No need to buy and maintain costly in-house computing infrastructure

Cloud computing means your data is stored remotely and is accessible via the internet, so there is no need to buy and maintain costly onsite servers and computing infrastructure. This reduces on-going costs and helps avoid large maintenance expenses.

Only pay for what you use, and reduce IT burdens on your business

Costs are based on usage and the level of security and support you require, so you'll only be paying for what you need rather than the fixed, on-going IT costs associated with an in-house department.

Move costs from balance sheet ‘capital expenditure’ to ‘operational expense’

By switching to cloud computing, you're able to move the cost of IT expenditure off the balance sheet, where it would appear as capital expenditure, and turn it into an operational expense. This can help improve cash flow and profitability.

In-house IT experts aren’t required and you gain greater security on your data

IT is such an integral part of business that it's best left to the professionals. Cloud computing means you're able to outsource to specialists, which increases security and reduces costs through only paying for the level you choose and how much you use.


Addcom is a leading specialist in Cloud Computing and has helped a range of businesses successfully migrate from in-house IT operations to cost effective cloud solutions tailored to fit their business. Through initial consulting, planning, development and through to successful migration, we ensure the process works smoothly and doesn’t cause unnecessary disruption to your business.

With over 15 years of experience providing top quality, fully managed
IT support and more, we are your perfect IT partner.


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