Addcom's services include VOIP telephone systems.

A Modern Telephone System

As an ever-changing market Addcom is always looking for ways to make our customers IT requirements as easy and streamlined as possible. As a result, we offer you a modern telephone system which will integrate with Office 365 enabling you to make calls from your laptop, desk phone and mobile as if you were in the office. Ultimately allowing you to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

If you already have an existing VOIP phone system, we may be able to integrate it into Office 365 teams without the need of purchasing a whole new system.

Addcom can supply a typical phone system based on just needing a desk phone so there is no need for you to have a physical phone server located within your office as our system is cloud based so you can still take your desk phone home and plug it into your internet line at home.


Other Advantages of a VOIP Phone System

  • Low Cost calling – calls via a VOIP phone system offer better value than using a traditional phone line and service.
  • Conference calling without the need to purchase multiple lines from your telephone provider – Conference calling on a VOIP system has no limitations to the number of call connections as it runs over the IP protocol via the internet.
  • Integration with Microsoft teams - You can keep track of all your calls including any missed calls by logging into your Office 365 Microsoft teams app. This also allows you to click a number on your computer to dial.
  • Reduce hardware costs and overheads – Make use of your work laptop or computer simply by purchasing a headset with a Mic and your laptop can replace your desk phone.
  • Make and receive calls anywhere in the world at no extra cost. – VOIP works over the internet and connects to a cloud hosted phone system, this means you will have the flexibility of making calls from your laptop or mobile device as if you where in the office. This is great if you are required to travel with your job as you can say goodbye to your expensive roaming charges.

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