We specialise in implementing and supporting the best IT infrastructure available to schools and the educational sector.

We believe in the importance of helping schools create the best environment for students to learn in, and we understand schools are increasingly looking to the use of ever more complex technology to assist and improve pupil progress. Unfortunately, the skills needed to effectively implement this technology are often too expensive for educational establishments to employ full time.

That is why we have developed a tailor-made IT support service aimed at the educational sector, that offers an outstanding quality of service at an affordable price.

Recently, Addcom has helped a mixture of large and small schools:

  • Make better use of their servers with 'virtualisation', saving them thousands of pounds
  • Improve the reliability of their emails by moving them into the Cloud, saving cost at the same time
  • Build a secure environment which allows teachers and students to use their own devices (BOYD)
  • Build a super resilient environment using 'thin clients' to protect against vandalism and theft
  • Design the layout and installation of IT equipment for new extensions and classroom redevelopments

Let us help your students flourish.

Contact us to discuss making your IT infrastructure and support match your academic ambitions.


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