What is Elements365?

A cloud based platform built on Office 365 which combines elements of the Office 365 system providing you with an enriched dashboard solution for easy navigation and collaboration. By working directly with schools, we have tailored this solution to meet the needs for improved communication, collaboration and access to resources.

By utilising elements365, you can offer an online portal for governors, teachers, students and parents to collaborate and share resources. elements365 retains your school data in your school environment whilst helping you meet GDPR requirements.

elements365 is a secure and encrypted platform so your data remains safe and GDPR compliant.


Features of Elements365

  • Improves response times between users of the systems
  • Improved and intuitive communication options
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Easily find information & resources
  • GDPR compliancy
  • Assists schools meeting Ofsted requirements
  • No hardware required for hosting so reducing costs & maintenance
  • Free Microsoft Office install for staff/students (require Microsoft volume licensing)
  • Universally compatible - no limitations of device use
  • Files are accessible across all devices
  • 99.9% uptime (N.B Elements365 are not liable for any downtime from any third party products)

Multiple packages available

elements365 CORE

All the features to get you up and running with an online collaboration portal.

What's included

  • Email
  • Personal Calendar
  • Navigation Dashboard Combining All Resources
  • School Events Calendar
  • Learning Resource Area
  • Policies & Procedures
  • School Branding
  • Permission Implementation
  • Version History Of Documents
  • Subject Sites
  • Documentation/Files

elements365 PLUS

Includes all of the CORE package plus more features including areas for governance staff.

All elements365 Core +

  • Staff Directory
  • Governance Area
  • World News feed
  • School News
  • Safeguarding Area and Reporting
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Mobile Responsive Optimisation
  • Messages & Announcements

elements365 Pick'n'Mix

Customise your package to your requirements and add on additional features…

All Elements365 Plus +

  • Multi School collaboration
  • Homework Management
  • Trust Collaboration
  • School Password Sync
  • Twitter/ Facebook feed

*May require 3rd party subscription. Contact us for details.

Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance package. Provides assistance with issues, queries and system improvements

What's included

  • User Management
  • System Adjustments
  • Break/fix
  • Advice & Recommendations
  • User Training
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