With over 20 years of industry experience, we understand IT services and the effect IT problems can have on your business.

in 2008, Addcom was built to offer a cost-effective and hassle-free IT service that allows business owners to focus on their company and its objectives, rather than spending time trying to fix IT problems themselves.

We have built a strong reputation by focusing our business on providing reliable customer service and the highest level of IT support. We've been able to gather a wide range of expertise, so we're able to offer a range of services, allowing us to handle most if not all IT issues you're likely to encounter.


Addcom consists of a passionate and experienced team of technical engineers who are fully trained and take pride in all the work they carry out.

The passion we have for what we do means our team enjoys keeping up to date with the latest IT developments and building their knowledge even further.


Our services cover IT support and more, so we're on hand to deal with any issues that your business may face.

Whether it's cloud computing, help desk support or onsite maintenance, we have the expertise to keep things working the way they should.



 Our approach is simple - provide the best possible service for our customers. Our reputation has been built on recommendation and strong customer service values. We fully appreciate how IT issues can affect your business and how the financial burden of IT support can weigh heavy, which is why our services have been developed with budgets and cost-effective results in mind.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients full transparency and clear communication channels, helping to ensure we react quickly to any emergencies. This also allows you to be involved as much as you like within the projects, ensuring a high level of trust which we believe is a crucial part of successful IT managed services.


For more information on the services and support we provide, please fill in the form to contact a member of Addcom today.


TEL: 01252 856061
EMAIL: info@addcom-it.co.uk