Top Tips - Feb 2020
Welcome to this months Top Tips! This is the place to find useful IT tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently and make the most of technology. This month, we are focusing on some Office 365 features.

OneDrive File Storage - Office 365 is much more than just an email solution, be sure to also use OneDrive to store your files and SharePoint to store your company shared files. OneDrive and SharePoint will give you version control of all your files so you can always role back to an earlier version should your document get corrupt or you make a mistake.

No more email attachments - Stop attaching documents to your emails, as you will end up with lots of different versions of your documents and should you accidentally send it to the wrong person, you may not have any control of stopping the recipient from reading your confidential information.  Addcom recommends you create a share link in Office 365 and put the link in your email, this way you can automatically set the link to expire after a number of days, update the document even after sending the link as the recipient always sees the one live version of your document at any time, you can break the link and remove access to your document or require the recipient to enter a code before they can access the document to ensure they cannot send it on.  There are lots more features around this and we will go into more detail in a future top tips as you can also prevent the recipient from downloading your document.

Super Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams is becoming a very popular addition to Office 365, it is a fantastic tool for team collaboration and file sharing, which we make use of ourselves. If you are working on a project and need a collaborative area for all members in the team to work together and share information then take a look into Teams, here are just a few of its features: Chat, File sharing, Collaborative working, Video calling, mobile app and tablet devices etc.

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