SCL Partnership

Through our educational licence we will be providing each learner with web-based version of Office and therefore less maintenance for partners to keep IT devices updated with relevant software. 

SCL will also fund the initial consultation from ADDCOM-IT to evaluate and identify what needs to happen to bring your IT up to the required standard. Please call ADDCOM-IT if you have not already been in contact with a member of the team on 01252 856061.

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email addresses
  • Virtual Learning Environment
  • Pro Portal for partners/Parents to view progress of learners


As a minimum requirement, all SCL partners’ venues will need to ensure they meet the following:

  • Internet connection should be running at a speed no lower than 30Mbps download and 1Mbps upload.
  • Wi-Fi should be capable of handling up to 25 concurrent connections with a backbone speed of no less than 1Gbps back to your router/switch.
  • Wi-Fi should also provide a strong connection to the IT devices in all areas where they are likely to be used.

IT Device Specification

Each learner requires access to a tablet/laptop with a suitable internet connection whilst in the classroom environment.

Each partner is required to purchase one of the following for the academic year.




Ordering of Tablets

For the latest prices on our recommended Linx 1010 tablet suitable for the cloud learning platform provided by SCL, please call Plan-IT and ask for Mark Conway Tel: 01604 714744. Mark is aware of the specification required and will help you purchase the correct tablet with keyboard.

NB: ADDCOM-IT does not stock or sell these tablets and have arranged with our preferred supplier for you to deal directly with them. There are 2 versions of the tablet Professional (This can be connected to a domain/network) and Home (This is a standalone unit and can only connect to WiFi for an internet connection, you cannot connect the home edition to your work domain/network)


If partners are looking to order through another supplier please make sure the following requirements are met:

Laptops/Desktops should be of
the following spec as minimum:

The tablet can be either:

Intel i3 processor




300GB Hard Drive


Wi-Fi enabled


Running Windows 7 or Higher



ADDCOM-IT has been working with SCL for many years. Together we have come up with a minimum IT specification to ensure IT devices and internet/Wi-Fi requirements for the educational programmes meet the needs of learners and the quality standards set out by OFSTED and SCL’s lead providers.


In addition we can supply you with support contracts, purchasing equipment, or one off installations.
If you are unsure if your venue meets our minimum requirements please get in contact with us and we can advise over the phone or arrange a site visit to assess your IT infrastructure and devices.


For more information on the services and support we provide, please fill in the form to contact a member of Addcom today.


TEL: 01252 856061